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Precision Psychometrics for Marketing & Evaluation

Your Full-Service Marketing Research & Evaluation Firm: 

Unlocking Hearts and Minds with People Science

People work in your organization to offer goods and services to people.

Behavioral science techniques unlock the hearts and minds of those you serve, from your team to your clients.  

Motivation.  Liking something. Buying something. These are not just abstract concepts, but measurable phenomena in the realm of behavioral science. 

By delving into the intricacies of human behavior, our Pittsburgh research firm offers people-centered, data-driven strategies and actionable plans. Our solutions are driven by the principles of behavioral science, ensuring that every decision is grounded in deep understanding and insights into human behavior.

Black and white photo of people eating at outside cafe.  Marketing science and evaluation is measuring, predicting, describing, and influencing people's behavior.  Behavioral science is the foundational science for these areas.
Marketing science and evaluation is measuring, predicting, describing, and influencing people's behavior. Behavioral science is the foundational science for these areas.
Black and white phote of Cafe du Monde.  Coffee is coffee, right? So, why go to Cafe du Monde versus another cafe? People don't just buy things.  Behavioral Science explores decision making.
Coffee is coffee, right? So, why go to Cafe du Monde versus another cafe? Is it just the coffee or the experience of visiting a world-famous coffee shop?

Understanding Human Behavior

People don't just buy things. There are conditions that make it more likely for them to buy the things. They may be buying more than just the thing. Psychological science studies why and how people make decisions

Marketing science, deeply rooted in behavioral science, explores the intricate nuances behind purchasing behavior and monitors evolving trends in consumer preferences. As a reputable market research and behavioral science firm based in the Pittsburgh area, we specialize in deciphering the underlying motivations and triggers driving consumer actions.

Insights drawn from behavioral science are the key for unlocking the hearts and minds of those you serve because they delve deep into the how and why people do what they do and feel what they feel. Our comprehensive approach combines the rigor of market research with the depth of behavioral science, providing invaluable insights for crafting effective strategies and engaging with your target audience.

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We Cater To

Business Organizations

Our business and marketing services include comprehensive target market research, allowing you to gain deep insights into your audience's preferences and behaviors. 

From analyzing market trends to developing effective marketing strategies, we help businesses maximize their reach and impact.

Community Outreach Groups for Political Messaging Services

With our community-based research expertise, we provide invaluable insights into community dynamics and sentiments, empowering your outreach efforts. 

Our measurement-based messaging strategies ensure that your political or community initiatives resonate effectively with your target audience, driving meaningful engagement and action.

Behavioral Health Clinics

Our measurement-based care approach enables behavioral health providers to assess the effectiveness of their programs and interventions accurately. 

Through program evaluation and outcome measurement, we help enhance the quality of care and improve patient outcomes, ultimately contributing to better mental health outcomes for individuals and communities.

A graphic of the text Psychometrics and  Psychology, Measurement, and Data-Analysis and the Mind Alchemy logo. This is what psychometrics is.

Elevating Insights With Psychometrics

At our Pittsburgh-area firm, we specialize in the science of psychometrics, which is the cornerstone of our approach to people research. Our years of training and experience have honed our ability to translate complex data into actionable insights, allowing us to uncover hidden patterns and trends that drive consumer behavior.

Looking to understand your target audience or get answers to your research questions? Our methodology uses meticulous measurement and rigorous analysis. This enables our clients with the ability to make informed decisions and develop strategies that resonate on a human level.

Our Research Solutions

Our tailored marketing consultation and research services are designed to meet your specific needs, from data-collection design to behavioral science-driven messaging and branding narrative development. We specialize in analyzing people-derived data, offering expertise in data analytics, management, and personalized behavioral science solutions.
Headshot for Dr. Michelle Lopez Raab, behavioral scientist and psychometrician

Meet the Expert: Dr. Raab

Dr. Michelle Lopez Raab is the Founder and Owner of Mind Alchemy. She is an award-winning behavioral scientist and psychometrician, fourth generation SME business owner, and storyteller. Dr. Raab holds a PhD in experimental psychopathology, with a subspecialty of quantitative methods.

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