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Do you create branding stories? What do you do differently than other marketers?

Branding stories driven by behavioral science

Yes, we do. Using a conversational approach, we help you clarify who you are as a provider of a product or service, come up with a plan to make sure that there’s a market, and tailor the branding story to be as compelling and engaging as possible by getting inside the hearts and minds of the target market. Then we test to make sure we’ve got it right. It’s the testing that makes us different. There are many ways to test a concept and extracting actionable knowledge from that testing is the key ingredient of what we do. 

I have an analytical team. Is there something your firm can add?

Added Value

Our founder has a doctorate in quantitative psychology and psychometrics, which gives her a broad skill set for dealing with people variables. From measurement to data collection to dealing with missing data, and most especially knowledge creation, there are many caveats that only come up with data derived from people. We have training in all these areas, and many different analytic models as well, and can augment your team’s unique skills to make the most of your data. We can also assist with training, consultation, and developing personalized solutions for your organization’s needs.

I can write survey questions. Why hire a psychometrics expert?

Are you asking the right questions

Writing survey questions seems straightforward, but it isn’t. There are biases that can creep in based on how you write the questions, order the questions, and even anchor the questions. Knowing how to account for this, measure it, and even avoid it takes years of training in statistics and measurement. And making sure you are measuring what you think you are measuring is vital. Otherwise, your questions and the data they produce could be muddled which will adversely affect any insights you garner and any strategies base on those insights.  Our founder has a doctorate in quantitative psychology and psychometrics, which is the subspecialty of creating questions that can increase the validity and reliability of your surveys.  

What sorts of businesses do you help?

We want to work with you

We mostly work with small and midsized organizations, but also have worked with individuals and non-profits, in diverse fields such as the publishing industry, healthcare, community organizations, politics, and marketing. 

What kinds of data can you handle?

People Data

The data just needs to be people data.  For example, anything related to human behavior, like exchanges of money for an item or services or the process of an intervention for helping a consumer become employment ready.  The data just has to be related to people.  


We can handle data from all kinds of sources. Numbers. Focus groups. Interviews. Text. 

For qualitative projects we sometimes use programs to assist in analysis, but we don’t rely completely on it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t handle things like subtext or sarcasm and has its limitations. For instance, we worked on a project that involved uncovering a response pattern specially designed to hide from AI. 

Are you available for the occasional question my company might have?

We are here to answer your questions

Absolutely. We can be hired by the hour or come up with a bespoke package to fit your needs. Just set up a free 15-minute chat to see what we might be able to do for you.

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