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Meet Dr. Michelle Raab

Psychometrician. Marketer.  Storyteller.

If you meet Dr. Michelle Raab, she will seem unassuming.  Beneath the surface though, there are layers of knowledge and experience that have been integrated and transmuted into a potent catalyst that turns data into intelligence and intelligence into actionable plans. 

Learning how to write a press release on a manual typewriter is one element that is transfused with her insatiable appetite for sketching the world through numbers and equations.  

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series with its psychohistory not only captured her imagination where human behavior could be predicted through mathematical calculations, but it was blended into her mindscape of seeing the world that could be described with fanciful numerical notations, which led her to taming the mythical beast known as the Algorithm found in so many parts of our commercial world from SEO to listings on commercial seller’s platforms. 

Being able to teleport between the quantitative universe and the storyverse, Dr. Raab can weave a tale from the outlines and sketches of demographic statistics that stirs the heart and engages the mind.  She has done this in political settings, carefully and strategically placing smoke and mirrors to project a narrative that would help the grassroots organizations that she was creating messaging for.

Dr. Raab dives down into the catacombs of data to find nuggets of information that are hidden on the surface.  Finding subgroups or segments within a data set is like finding gold in a mining cave for her.  Unlike many data analysts, she understands the unique peculiarities of data when it is derived from people.  Years of training and experience have honed her skills in the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of people data.

Dr. Michelle Raab’s unique skill set is usually found only in academia, psychological assessment corporations, or large cap corporations.  She doesn’t like being usual.  She prefers to forge her own path.

There is more than one way to climb the mountain, because you have the whole mountain to choose from.

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