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Precision Psychometrics for Marketing
  • People science is our business

    People work in your business to sell products and services to people.

    Behavioral science techniques unlock the hearts and minds of those you serve from your employees to your customers.  

    Motivation.  Liking something. Buying something.  

    For a behavioral scientist, these are easily measurable and easily analyzed for insight and people-centered, data-driven strategy and actionable plans.

    Behavioral science driven solutions.

People don't just buy things

People don't just buy things. There are conditions that make it more likely for them to buy the things.  They may be buying more than just the thing. Psychological science studies why and how people make decisions

Marketing science stems from behavioral science.  It looks at the why and how of purchasing behavior and tracks shifting trends in what people are buying. 

Insights drawn from behavioral science are the key for unlocking the hearts and minds of those you serve because it delves deep into the how and why people do what they do and feel what they feel.

Venn diagram for the intersection of statistics, psychology, and measurement, which is what psychometric is.


The key to unlocking the hearts and minds of your target market lies in the precise measurement and analysis of people driven data.  

Knowing how to measure, analyze, and interpret the human story in people derived data takes years of training and experience in the science of psychometrics. 

Dr. Michelle Lopez Raab is the Founder and Owner of Mind Alchemy. An award winning behavioral scientist and psychometrician. Fourth generation SME business owner and storyteller.

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